Annual Shutdown Period

We are closed for our annual summer shutdown from Monday 14th September 2020, re-opening Monday 21st September. During this period our phones will be switched off and all enquiries (emails/contact forms) will be dealt with in full upon our return to the office. After an extremely busy and stressful 5 months (we remained open the entire time working 7-day shift patterns), the whole John Skinner team is looking forward to a well-deserved break. Please respect this, and thank you for your patience.

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In Detail: Our Seat Kits

Our Seat Kits are amongst the best in the industry. Made to original specification with quality materials.

Classic car seat production takes time, knowledge and skill. We manufacture all our restoration seat kits from our workshop with dedication, precision and attention to detail.

Original Specification Patterns

All our seat patterns were reverse engineered from original specification trim rather than after market replica. This gives us the confidence to know that we supply seat kits that fit to original seat frames and foams.


Original Weld Tooling

We use our on-site High Frequency Welder to add original specification weld patterns to vinyl cushions and backrests across our Austin Healey and Triumph TR seat kits. We can also replicate the original ‘perforated’ leather that was originally seen across some Jaguar models – we call this finish ‘Perforated Embossed.’

An Austin Healey BJ8 Rear Seat Kit with the original small square weld to the pleated Seat Cushions and the grid style weld to the Backrest
A Triumph TR6 Front Seat Kit with the original diamond weld pattern to the Cushions and Backrests
Perforated Embossed leather to the pleated panels of the Seats and Backrest on this E-Type Front Seat Kit

Extensive colour choice

We offer a wide variety of colour choice across our vinyl and leather materials. This gives our customers the flexibility of colour shading within original colour specification parameters. We have also dedicated much time to ensuring good colour matches between our leather and vinyl materials across same colour shades to allow for the choice to use these two materials together within the same kit (which would have been original for most cars in the Jaguar range).


We have good consistency of colour across our leather and vinyl materials for customers who wish to combine the two materials across LeatherFaced seat and panel kits, as seen in this E-Type Roadster OTS restoration. The Vinyl sills are a good colour match against the Leather seat cushions.

Genuine Pleats

We use a slit foam method to create tuck-and-roll pleats across our seat cushions and backrests. Unlike imitation pleating (made simply from stitch lines across a length of material), our technique gives beautiful depth and definition to our seats, creating a pleated structure that will endure for years to come.


Our pleating method gives depth, definition and a quality structure to our pleated cushions and backrests

Engineered Piping

We have worked with our suppliers to develop an engineered pre-slit and part-glued piping for use across our seat kits. The construction of this piping gives a quality finish to our cushions and backrests as the piping core has room to ‘move’ within the leathercloth surround, allowing it to shape to the curvature of the seats whilst giving a firm structure to the seat outline.

Our engineered piping is made from leathercloth which is an ideal material for piping as its lack of stretch ensures it maintains its shape. Its surface finish is also very difficult to catch and snag, making it resilient to wear and tear.

You can view all colours available in our leathercloth piping range here.

Although we would always recommend leathercloth piping, we can make vinyl piping to order if there is no suitable colour match for your seat material in our leathercloth piping range.


Our leathercloth piping has been engineered to give flexibility and structure to our seat kits

A few more details that really make us proud of our Seat Kits…

Traditional Machinery

We manufacture all our seat kits on our Seiko and Singer sewing machines. Whilst we have invested in more modern technology in other parts of our workshop, these sturdy machines have kept on stitching through the decades.

Quality Assurance

We check over every detail of our seat kits before they leave our workshop to ensure they have been manufactured to our exacting standards.

Our Skilled Team

Our skilled team of machinists make all our seats on site in our workshop. With many years of sewing experience, they manufacture our seat kits with passion, care and dedication.