Annual Shutdown Period

We are closed for our annual summer shutdown from Monday 14th September 2020, re-opening Monday 21st September. During this period our phones will be switched off and all enquiries (emails/contact forms) will be dealt with in full upon our return to the office. After an extremely busy and stressful 5 months (we remained open the entire time working 7-day shift patterns), the whole John Skinner team is looking forward to a well-deserved break. Please respect this, and thank you for your patience.

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Our Philosophy

We care about quality at every stage of our production

The day to day workmanship values of our company, partnered with traditional British craftsmanship, attention to detail and the completeness of our interior kits makes us the choice with classic Austin Healey, Jaguar, MGA and Triumph owners, restorers and enthusiasts worldwide.

Quality, style, elegance, originality, durability and value for money. And an interior that’s as beautiful as the car.

That’s our philosophy.

Quality Materials

It starts at the beginning; raw materials of the highest quality we can source. We remain true to original production materials where we can, and use original specification leathercloth for our piping and binding work. And, as an icon of classic British motoring heritage, we can also supply our seats and panels in Connolly Vaumol leather.

Genuine Pleats

We use a slit foam method to create tuck-and-roll pleats across our seat cushions and backrests. Unlike imitation pleating (made simply from stitch lines across a length of material), our technique gives beautiful depth and definition to our seats, creating a pleated structure that will endure for years to come.

Considered Design

With original production line inconsistencies varying from car to car, our panels are designed with versatility in mind. We ensure the compatibility of all our panels with carefully placed fixing holes; not only do these provide a useful positioning guide when matching up against bodywork, they also allow for complete flexibility in fitting.

Comprehensive Kits

We extend un-sewn edges of seat and headlining kits to allow for more grip when trimming; we leave loose flaps along our panel work for flexibility in fitting, and our trim kits come with extra lengths of raw material for covering over bodywork areas that were originally left exposed, but we’ve come to learn look better trimmed.

Skived, as standard

For those ‘difficult to trim areas,’ such as centre consoles, dash facias and door tops, we skive (thin down) our leather as standard and at no extra cost because we know it makes certain panels easier to trim and gives a better overall finish. You can read more about skiving in our Handbook post – What is Skiving?

British Made

Where you see our sewn labels or our panel stamps, you can be assured that each piece has been made to order in our Cheltenham workshop, carefully manufactured by our dedicated team of sewing machinists and trimmers with a commitment to quality at every stage of production.

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